Welcome to Audiosense



What we do best:



• Professional Location Recording Services

Capturing stunning audio is at the heart of what we do. From the gear we invest in to our approach to live sound, lighting, set design and the people we work with, Everything revolves around these two principles: Intense Attention to Detail. | Capturing raw audio of exceptional quality.


This methodology has allowed our clients to win numerous awards in their given genres.


• Post Production

Protools post production facility based in Midrand, Johannesburg.


• Project Management & Live Sound

We assist our clients in taking their initial idea to a viable & fresh final product with the help of creative drawings and involving the right partners for the specific job at hand.


• Advanced Control & Signal Distribution

Big words but simple explanation. We consider all the digital-audio, LTC (Time Code), MIDI, clocking and power elements of a production and with some clever innovation make all the signal & control gear play together in perfect harmony.


Second to the function above we then implement as many redundancies and fallback systems as humanly possible. Keeping the infamous Mr.Murphy at bay.